Harley Car Parks

Harley Investments Ltd is a company that specialises in asset-backed alternative investment opportunities. Harley Car Parks is one arm of the Harley brand, which focuses entirely on vehicle parking. We offer car park investments that give a high return with a regular income for investors.

With 31.7 million cars on the roads in the UK alone, parking is very limited in certain locations. Demand for new parking spaces in these areas is high. We search for and identify locations where there is an opportunity to create a new car park or take over an existing one. Sites we look for are usually located near airports, city centres and hospitals - spots known for their parking restrictions and high parking charges. The site is then developed and an experienced management team is put in place to run the car park as a regular business, with a full marketing plan.

Investors have the opportunity to purchase individual spaces within a fully managed car park in a high turnover location. Investors receive their income from the parking fees which are generated from the business which gives them a regular income stream. The investment retains its value. This value will increase over time as the income that the parking spaces generate rises. The investment is fully resalable, so any investment is also fully secured.

Who we are

Harley brings together a team of over two dozen highly experienced people. Members of staff have themselves spent many years working in property development and investments, and are very thorough in their research. Our company was founded by four high net worth investors who saw an opportunity to create a portfolio of larger investments by inviting individual investors to participate alongside themselves.

We offer a personal service to clients and hundreds of investors from several countries have already joined us. We look forward to welcoming new investors as well as serving our regular clients.

CEO Christian Hipkiss is responsible for the runnning of Harley Car Parks and their group of companies. With over 12 years experience in the investments sector and a wealth of experience helping clients achieve success in different kind of investments, Christian Hipkiss is becoming renowned for finding unique investment opportunities and delivering capital growth and high annual yeilds.

You can find out more about Christian Hipkiss by visiting his blog where he will give his thoughts on Harley moving forward and his insight into the alternative investment industry.